Winter Kids 2020

Fairview is going for GOLD!

Fairview has been selected to participate int eh Winter Kids challenge! Stay tuned for upcoming details - the challenge beings this Friday - January 3rd at our school kick-off event!

Learn more about the Winter Kids organization here!

Check back here often more the MOST up-to-date information!

Each week of the WINTER KIDS challenge is January will follow a different theme for the week:

  • Week 1: January 6th - 10th: Physical Fitness Week
    • Students, staff, and families will be getting active in new ways here at school and at home to enjoy wintertime in Maine!
  • Week 2: January 13th - 17th: Nutrition Week
    • We will be focusing on how to make healthy eating choices to fuel our bodies to stay active and healthy!
  • Week 3: January 20th - 24th: Art and Family Engagement Week
    • Be ready! This week will feature lots of fun events for the whole family to enjoy!
  • Week 4: January 27th - January 31st: Winter Carnival
    • A fun way to celebrate all of our learning and activity is to come together in a week of exciting events!

Stay connected via REMIND and our social media platforms on Facebook and Twitter for the most up-to-date details and information!

Help our school community celebrate Winter Fun and go for the GOLD! #fairviewgold2020

Week One: Physical Fitness

Opening Ceremonies

  • Superintendent Grondin gets our Fairview Tigers excited about being Winter Kids participants!

Snowman Making!

  • Students made snowmen and then measured the effects of sun and weather on their rate of melting!

Snowshoeing & Exploring!

  • Students had the chance to explore outside on a scavenger hunt or a winter walk! What a beautiful winter day!

Sledding and Relays!

  • Studying the science of sledding and force and motion, we took full advantage of our sledding hill!

Calculating Snow & Making "Snowcanoes"!

  • Who knew watching melting snow could be so much fun?! Lots of science observations happening as we create chemical reactions and watch matter change!

We Work Out!

  • Fairview students and staff were led through fitness cooperative workouts by coaches and members of the Bates women's basketball team!

Week Two: Nutrition

What's On Your Plate

  • Students explored how to make healthy choices when adding food to their lunches and snacks!

"Germ Tag" and

Taste Test!

  • To make connections between how germs can easily spread, students played "Germ Tag" and then all students listened to guest speaker Rebecca Dugan who shared a taste of roasted cauliflower with all students!

Water Challenge!

  • All students were challenged to switch out sugary drinks and to increase their water intake! Thanks to a generous donation from Poland Spring, all students were provided a bottle of water they could drink and refill! When students completed the challenge, they each received a “prize” from Poland Spring!

Nutrition Relays!

  • Knowing the components of the five food groups helped students race one another to complete healthy nutrition relays!


Soup Challenge!

  • After reading "Stone Soup" classes worked together to make healthy recipes for a soup cook off!

Community Members as Judges!

  • We had members of the school committee, city council, school department, and local business members who helped to judge all of our soup contributions!